Bank Cash Security Van Robbery Plan : Crime City

Get involved in biggest bank cash robbery plan heist in crime city with stealth missions like never before. Steal, shoot and escape inMad City Bank Robbery Game before angry police arrest & extreme car chase.Only a criminal mind can prove to be the best robber for biggest bank cash van robbery of 2018. Plan series of grand bank cash Van robberies and escape from crime scene in urban sprawl.Be brave, ruthless criminal who sneak into bank security van Van Schedule. By Hacking in system terminal before security guards extreme combat shooting begins. Enjoy exciting third person shooter game, hack password of bank money reserved vault and bag pack with huge cash amounts in cash in transit van . Security forces are patrolling inside the bank cash security van, so you have to be very careful while making strategy to steal cash from the bank security van.In this outstanding bank cash security van robbery plan ,Follow & Block Cash Loaded Van, Kill Guards than Get In to Van , Evade Police & Reach Safe House in Crime City. Forget all secret agent & spy assassin games, play this newest Cash robbers crime simulator and seek vendetta from police squad department by extreme combat shooting.Take advantage of hostile situation, getaway from grand theft heist and make safe gangster escape before police officer shoot you.Defend your safe house and cash van from rival gang attack Don't get arrested by city cops.In this crazy gangster cash robbery van survival game, shoot security guards with assault rifle gun and getaway from security police patrol in building.Features:10 challenging cash robbery missions with extreme stealth survival.Play as best bank robber with your superb stealing and criminal escape skills.Variety of weapons like sniper rifle and pistol.Smooth controls for shooting and escape.Outstanding HD graphics & sound effects.
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