Sophia A.I. PREMIUM Artificial Intelligence

Chat with the most intelligent artificial intelligence on the planet - Sophia A.I. is an AIML-based learning life-form! The more you chat with it, the more it learns from you! Customizable! Change her clothes and her shoes! Lots of items to choose from!Future developments include voice recognition, speech and translation to several secondary languages!I am an Independent Developer, and your purchase helps fund the future development of this game while granting you with INSTANT EARLY ACCESS to all the new content as it I develop it, 100% FREE of charge FOR LIFE.You also get ADS-FREE gameplay FOR LIFE, as well as a many EXCLUSIVE BONUSES during the entire gameplay!Enjoy!A game by Icarus Game King - An Independent DeveloperIf you like my games, visit my website, follow my Facebook Page and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all the new games and updates that I release daily. Follow the links below :* My Official Website -* Facebook Official Page -* Facebook shortlink -* YouTube channel -
Operating System Android