My Dog Hotel Resort : Pet Puppy Day Care Simulator

My dog hotel game invites you to manage an amazing dog resort, put and learn more dog caring skills to the take a look at and find out how to run a purpose built doggie hotel business. During this most amazing simulator dog daycare and boarding hotel you have to take care of different dogs and puppies. Ensure all the dogs have a pleasant time in your center when they come go back to their owners, are happy. In this real free dog hotel game you have to care for different dog breeds. As a fresh, young pet boarding manager, you're taking management of your guest dogs and visit to dog hotel to see that the dogs are feeling good or not. You have to keep the puppies happy to earn cash as reward of being good dog sitter of your city dogs and keep the reputation of yours hotel good and five stars compatible.You will find dog-caring tasks awaiting you there. Feed dogs, play with dogs, give the happy time to ensure your dogs stay happy and healthy if they are not happy then you have to do more. If they feel hungry, then don't forget to feed them with high quality nutritive and delicious dog food! You have to always take care of dogs keep them always clean by bathing and grooming them through hair brush. In the playground you can also entertain the puppies with beautiful toys that can increase the affection of the dogs. To unlock all the features, toys and many other amazing and beautiful dog puppies.Dog hotel also a soecially purpose built play grounds for dogs. You can take the dogs for walking and play to improve the fitness of dogs , you can also take on the obstacle course. Guide your cute dogs over obstacles, through tunnels and across wobbly tree trunks. In other hand you can also shop different and wonderful things for the caring of dogs in your hotel. You have to complete running mission to unlock new cute tasks or levels. Play with your dog friends and when they become tired send them to sleep and after awaking don't forget to clean their cages and feed them and to groom them. You have to take care of different puppies in each case to up your level.The dog game will addict you to play this outstanding and gorgeous pet care simulator and in other hand the cool 3D sound effects can create a craze in you or create a real relationship between you and this cute dogs game . You will feel like the owner of dog hotel and take care for dog present in the hotel. In each case you have to complete the running level to unlock new and thrilling levels that offers you more fun and enjoy. This dog hotel , dog boarding is much fun game for dog lovers who pet the dogs very carefully and in other hand they also can seek many other skills to keep the puppies carefully.Features of dog hotel lite: my dog boardingComplete exciting missions. Every dog has its own story and presents you with difficult tasks!Expand your boarding kennel and enhance it to your tastes with pirate baskets or a charming shower!Pet and play along with your dogs, or watch them play along on the lawn!Always keep them clean by bathing themNo net association is required to play this most wonderful gameVery smooth and easy controlsStunning and high quality 3D graphicsCool 3D sound effectsMultiple levelsMultiple and beautiful puppies
Operating System Android