New Prison Life 2 roblox Map for MCPE craft

The New Prison Life 2 roblox Map looks like a minigame for a few players. There wardens are obliged to ensure that prisoners rolbox don't escape from jail. It doesn't have any strict paths rolbox for a player to go so as you see the mc maps for minecraft pe is actually open-ended. Prisoners can gain victory only if they break rolbox out of jail but they have a risk to be killed.DISCLAIMERWe use trademarks Minecraft, Minecraft Pocket Edition from permission of the Mojang AB Company. We are offers developers and not claim by these trademarks. The Mojang AB Company registered them. We a guided by a policy of use - essence of the gameThis Prison Life 2 roblox mc maps is for several players (2-6). It will be better if each team has equal number of players. In this mc maps you have a choice to be either a guard or a prisoner.What does a prisoner have to do: Your aim is to break out of jail without being held. Also you have to help other prisoners to escape. For that you have to go to the Criminal Base. There you will find arms and will use them in order to release others.What does a guard have to do: In that case the prison is ruled by you. Guards have control over prison routine so you decide when prisoners will have a meal, when they will go on the yard etc. The recommendation is to act like in real life. It's some kind of role play that why try to make decisions as if you are doing it in reality3 Rules of MCPE maps:Breaking blocks is forbiddenDon't forget that it's a game of survivalDon't cheatThe map has some changes:Many new things are added: bank, houses, and stores. Also in this map a player run through a lot of new streets. And other good news for fans: in the game criminal base and tunnel are modernized!
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