Cake on Face Simulator

Watch out, everybody is going to catch a cake on face! Our new antistress simulator is the best way to erase stress from your life. Pull the lever, roll the roulette and everybody will catch a cake on face, throw your cakes to any person you see, in our new simulator: Cake on Face Simulator.We want to make you sure that our antistress simulator is the easiest and funniest at the same time way to get rid of stress. Therefore, we are giving you the cake roulette, roll it by pulling the lever, and a random cake would be given to you, and then your only option left is to aim, pull the lever again, throw a cake on face and enjoy yourself. We gave you a chance to have some fun by interacting with what is left from the cake on your "victim's" face: draw, make funny figures, our antistress simulator will bring you many bright emotions. The only thing you need to start throwing the cake on face is camera of your smartphone.Turn it on and feel all the "pros" of AR simulator.Cake on Face Simulator is a free to play antistress AR simulator. Pull the lever to roll a roulette and pick a cake to throw. Choose your "victim" and put a cake on face, cover his whole his face with cream, cherry and chocolate, but do not forget that someone can throw a cake to your face.
Operating System Android