Cop Car Parking Hero: Cops Driving Parking Panda

If you are waiting for thrilling and interesting police car driving school game, then your wait is over.Here is real 3D police driving school game: parking Panda. Police driving school give you a chance to drive and park police car and prove your unsullied skills of car driving for learner and get driving licence. Police driving school game is not like other boring and traditional police driving school games of overs speeding and in this game you can get driving licence. The motive of Police driving academic game is to improve your driving and chicago parking skills and avoid over speeding and polish you're driving abilities in real life and get help of real driving licence. There is mind blustering graphics, marvelous environment, accessible control and sensational levels. There are 6 exciting game levels in police driving school every level has own thrilling graphics and sensational driving difficulties in parking Panda.You essential to initiative your police car through special deliberate levels and driving tasks that will push you till the limit of your tolerance. This game is deliberate to get your car parks expertise up, and to show everyone you know how to drive your car safely in different inspiring driving circumstances. This real 3D police driving school game take place in numerous altered setting, set in a cool considering 3D-Style. The method of police driving school is that you drive slowly don't rush through the other parked cars. Have cool and adore this cutting-edge police driving school simulator game. Enjoy the diverse real 3D levels and be insolent in driving through these police driving school assignments.Police driving school car have all three controls steering wheel, tilt, and arrow. A speed pedal is use to accelerate and control the speed. Brake pedal is for reducing speed during training. Steering is use to control the direction of car in training section to get out and police arrest the riots . Sensational and thrilling graphics use in police driving school to intuitive natural look in your mind that you play game with extra ordinary driving skills.The police driving school has motive criteria in training when you collision with other cars or obstacles and chicago parking cones you lost 1 star from yours 3. When you conflict 2nd time you lost your 2nd star. When you conflict 3rd time you lost your 3rd star and at 4th crash game is over you try again to training section to get police arrest of riots.you should park your car in the parking space without touching any cone. carefully park your police car in the parking space to get riots police arrest.
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