Bloody Ragdoll Balloon Fort Escape

Your fate is in taters, as you are stuck in a fort's dungeon, and your only way to escape is glide through the deadly traps, and fly to your freedom. By hanging on to a balloon. Bloody Ragdoll Balloon Fort Escape is taking difficulty to another level, as you literally hang on to dear life, and try to keep your guts from flying out of your body, and blood gushing from your limbs. You must keep yourself at a safe distance from any of the deadly contraptions, to possibly think about reaching your freedom from this tall and deadly fort. Hanging on from a balloon definitely makes it more difficult to move about in this fort, so you must do your best to not get hit by a trap and lose one of your body parts in the process. Your guts are as valuable to you, as your life. From pendulum blades to shooting wooden stakes, these fort contraptions are intricately designed to take you down you as quickly as possible. You must keep dodging them as long as you can, in order to keep your guts intact and your head about you. As you fly for your life, you must play this game, and once you start, you will not let your phone down for a while! So try out of new bloody game, in which you try to escape this fort of death, and reach out to freedom.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None