Hydraulic Press Simulator

Do you like testing things for strength? Do you follow the work of huge presses with a heart aflutter? Download the Hydraulic Press Simulator app and get the virtual press on the phone. Choose a mode of manual or electric press, the objects for research, and crowd, crowd, crowd. Send any things under the press: glass, metal, oranges, watermelons, phones, cars and other and see what happens with them. Items can be flattened or shattered, become an iron plate or a glass slide. Conduct experiments and explore what strength is needed to crush various objects. Just do not try to crush anything whatever be caught at arm the real world. Play, have fun, take off stress and become a real researcher. Share the app with your friends, together learn a lot of new and fun time.Attention. The Hydraulic Press Simulator app is created for fun and entertainment, the playing do not carry any danger and will not cause harm to health.
Operating System Android