High School Cheating Boy Cheater Bob School Games

WARNING: Hey Kids! Do not try this at your High School.Sam is the most wicked and spoiled brat of high school who love to cheat and get top position without studying in high school cheating game! He can cheat answers of best students in class room of biology, history, art, science and sports at high school game! Being the number one cheater and top positioned best student of high school in class, don't get caught by angry teachers! Master the art of cheating with Sam in this high school cheating game!His outsmarted cheating tactics helps him to get top position without studying in high school cheating game. Mischievous Sam got evil mind for cheating so try not to get busted by high school angry teachers during cheating in high school. Something sinister seems to be going on at high school, so survive the craziness to get A grade! Play as naughty Sam to cheat and copy answers of best students to get good grade before you get busted in high school cheating game!Avoid angry teachers and nerd students in science lab, so outsmart mad teachers to receive high scores in high school game! Beat Sam's nemesis, in an epic evil mind cheating rivalry to become the top best student of class! Final quizzes are here, so for master the art of cheating and become the best cheater in classroom, each subject of high school game.No need to study and memorize difficult science and biology subjects in high school! Cheat like a pro in high school cheating game! This time nasty teachers are more stringent and observant so be careful! Achieve minimum grades on time and save yourself from angry teacher and nasty principal in high school cheating game! Wicked genius kid! Don't get caught or else you will be busted in high school cheating game! This fun addicting cheating game is for all high school students, use evil mind and cheat exams from best students of high school class mate. Cheat and copy answers from genius kids as you are the most mischievous student of high school cheating! After cheating from best students notes in science lab, get back on your seat before angry teacher caught you in quiz and grade you with F in high school cheating game! Master the art of cheating in class is not easy as it seems, so prepare yourself to use evil mind and cheat in quiz like wicked naughty brat of high school cheating game!Avoid nerdy high school students, cheat once or else they will let angry teacher know about your cheating game!High school cheating boy cheater bob school games features:- Multiple challenging cheating game levels for high school students- Help Sam in mastering the art of cheating game and get good grades- Save yourself from nasty teachers & nerdy students in this cheating game- Surprising reactions from nerdy students & angry teachers in high school cheating game!- 10 different classroom and high school cheating game settings- Simple, challenging and fun addicting game play for high school students- Attractive graphics and sound of high school cheating game!Get ready to face all challenges of cheating game in high school. Download high school cheating boy cheater bob school games and give us your feedback, so we can make more cheating game and high school game for you.
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