Turtle Ocean: Survival Simulator - go underwater

In ocean do as animals do! In this ocean animals simulator you can experience turtle survival! Dive into ocean and explore the world of underwater animals with an turtle pod. Live in the wild underwater nature of an ocean as an turtle in Turtle Ocean: Survival Simulator.Features of Turtle Ocean: Survival Simulator:TURTLE FAMILYCreate your family of animals, breed turtle babies and explore the ocean togetherOCEAN SURVIALFind food and friends for your turtle for survival in oceanWILD ANIMALSMeet exotic underwater animals, from jellyfish to whalesUNDERWATER WORLDEntire ocean bed open for survival and adventure of your turtleLearn ways of survival!For survival in the simulator turtle needs food and friends. Hunt other ocean animals for food, create a pod with other turtle and complete quests. Survival in the world ocean animals is a dangerous challenge, even for a big turtle. Go ahead and try to pull turtle survival in the ocean!Dive into ocean adventures!Fighting other animals for survival if fun, but there's a lot more to do in the ocean. Complete quests with your turtle in the simulator - other ocean animals fight for survival, some need your help, some need a size punch! Adventures of an turtle in the ocean are a good way to explore the ocean and make your turtle strong for survival!Explore open world!Prepare for survival in nature of an ocean underwater - simulator of turtle is a chance to explore the ocean. Learn more about turtle and the ocean in simulator - meet friends and enemies, find places of safety and danger for survival of your turtle!Try Turtle Ocean: Survival Simulator - new simulator ocean animals survival and become a wild turtle!
Operating System Android