Pegasus Simulator: Flying Horse Survival

Don't miss a chance to plunge into fantasy and become a magic flying pegasus with a new horse simulator! Survival of a fantasy flying horse is exciting in magic animal simulator, so leave reality for a while to be a pegasus -, a legendary magic flying horse, Pegasus Simulator: Flying Horse Survival! Create an entire pegasus herd and go flying and fighting for survival in magic fantasy!Pegasus Simulator: Flying Horse Survival features:FANTASY WORLDGo flying over a magic land full of different animalsLEVEL UPSBeating quests and enemies improves statsPEGASUS FAMILYCreate your own pegasus herd and breed foals for survivalSURVIVAL AND QUESTSFollows the quest lines or find your own adventureAdapt your flying horse for survival!Pegasus needs food and water like any horse. Fighting other magic animal for survival in fantasy kingdom needs your flying pegasus herd to be strong. So do whatever helps survival of the herd. Dangerous magic of a fantasy kingdom will challenge your flying horse herd!Create a fantasy horse herd!You're nor the only magic pegasus in the fantasy kingdom - find your flying horse kind and make a herd to fight for survival together in the animals simulator. Fantasy kingdom is full of animal magic and danger, Pegasus survival depends on support of your horse herd. Go magic like fantasy around!Go flying in a magic kingdom!Pegasus herd survival involves magic, unlike simple horse. Fight for survival with flying horse herd in fantasy - explore the pegasus land in a magic animal simulator. Life and survival of pegasus await magic animals survival simulator! Why be a horse when you can be a flying pegasus in a kingdom?Become an animal in magic survival simulator and fly over the fantasy kingdom with your pegasus herd in Pegasus Simulator: Flying Horse Survival! Are you ready for survival in fantasy nature?
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None