American Girl World

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF AMERICAN GIRL. Step into your favorite characters' worlds and experience the stories you love in a whole new way. Help make choices that give each girl's story new twists and turns within the ever-expanding world of the beloved American Girl characters.FOLLOW YOUR INNER STAR - By making impactful choices, learn how having character counts.PERSONALIZED - Help each character create their own style by choosing an outfit among hundreds of choices that will just right for every situation.DISCOVER - Explore the rich and compelling worlds of the beloved characters of American Girl, including:LUCIANA VEGAAs Girl of the Year for 2018, explore Luciana's love of space and science as she pursues her dream of being the first astronaut on Mars.NANEA MITCHELLSet in 1945, find out how Nanea uses her heart to help her fellow Hawaiian neighbors, friends, and family cope with the challenges of Pearl Harbor.GABRIELA MCBRIDESee how Gabriela harnesses the power of her words and love of the arts to help save her beloved community arts center.Z. YANGFollow Z. as she discovers that to be a real filmmaker, she'll first have to learn to be true to herself."More of your favorite characters from American Girl are coming soon.American Girl World is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money to save time or to purchase extra items. Discover online games, quizzes, activities and more at POLICY:
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