Cipher Super Hero Vs Super Villains

First time we are introducing our Cipher in the best Cipher Super Hero Vs Super Villains action simulator that is specially designed for the superheroes games lovers. Our Cipher Hero joined the team of the superheroes like, Dirt Hero, Hammer Hero, Captain Hero to fight against the super villains and gangsters. The grand city is in the charge of criminals and super villains, people of the vice city really need your help and no one comes after you. You have to take the responsibility to free the vice city from these agent mafia as well as from the dangerous super villains like, Ghost villain, killer Bat villain, Monster villain, and turtle villain these are planning something really dangerous. Cipher Super Hero Vs Super Villains action simulation containing devastating and thrilling mission to play. You are the city defenders with full of amazing attacking capabilities like, playing as a Cipher hero or other super heroes you can attack on enemies with swords, heavy hammer, web and with the steel claws. Cipher Super Hero Vs Super Villains action simulator contains amazing gameplay and thrilling missions, where our cipher defender hero as well as other superheroes are ready to save the civilians of the vice city. Choose your superheroes, Devastating Cipher Hero, killer Bat Hero, amazing Captain Hero and outstanding Dirt Hero. Moreover choose your heavy attacking weapons like, killer Swords, powerful hammer, amazing web, and speedy claws. Step by step challenging missions made this game more thrilling and impossible fighting. You have to chase the gangsters in amazing sports cars to fight with. 3D Vice city environment and amazing attacking powers made this game to the best superheroes game. Fight like the legends and become less bleed in the battle with the super villain to get more score. You can easily unlock the other attacks as well as superheroes by making more score in this Cipher Super Hero Vs Super Villains action simulator.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None