Virtual Firefighter Hero City Rescuer

This is the chance for you to make your dream come true, Virtual Firefighter Hero City Rescuer action simulation is especially designed for the firefighting game lover. This action simulator is mega pack of firefighter players like, you can play as a fearless firefighter, heavy firefighter truck driver as well as the fire fighter rescuer helicopter. Firefighter department is watching the fire smoke of Grand City and they are ready to help the people of the vice city. You have to be honest with your profession, many families might be on a risk you should be prepare for any upcoming fire tragedy. Your role is to rescue the whole city as soon as possible; time limit must keep in mind because any delay caused by you will take to the serious disaster. Reach towards the destination as soon as possible, and rescue the people they really need your help. Challenging mission and impossible task made this game to the best firefighter game. Get ready to play the best amazing Virtual Firefighter Hero City Rescuer simulator. You can play different role as firefighter like honest firefighter, powerful firefighter truck driver and as a firefighter pilot to rescue the city. Save your lovely family from fire and rescue them in this action simulator. Different challenging mission that a firefighter department can face in real life is available in the Virtual Firefighter Hero City Rescuer simulation. You have to extinguish the blazing infernos of buildings, factories, cars and beautiful houses. You can extinguish the fire of difficult places by your firefighter helicopter where your firefighter truck not reaches. You have to go inside the burning houses to extinguish the fire and rescue your family. Reach on time and extinguish the blazing fire by putting water on it by your extinguisher equipment's. Reach on time and extinguish the fire as soon as possible to get more score. Unlock the other expensive vehicles by making more score in this amazing firefighter game. Different controls and beautiful 3D city environment made this simulation crazier.
Operating System Android