Grand Army Tank War Transporter Simulator 2017

Grand Army Tank War Transporter Simulator 2017 is going to perform extreme hard tasks of transporting and driving US jeeps, truck, cargo etc. to the US military base by in a multi-trailer truck and in US Army helicopter. Perform your duty as an offroad army truck driver and transport cargo and jeeps on big trailer truck on rough and dangerous rugged offroad paths. Remember army life isn't easy, there are extreme situations through which transport driver must go through. OffRoad US Grand Army Tank War Transporter Simulator 2017 has extreme dangerous sharp offroad turns, offroad adventure, driving and transport missions. There is an amazing army helicopter that you will fly high in the air as US flying pilot to transport cargo and jeeps to army heroes.US Army Transport trailer gives you this amazing chance of becoming a pro offroad transport hero of US army by driving and transporting army cargo and vehicles on the uneven rugged offroad terrain in hill city. Enjoy deadly hill offroad duty and transport cargo, jeeps and vehicles undamaged to the army heroes base. It's a high time to check your driving and transporting skills. There are jeeps, cargo and army relief that you need to load on the heavy multi-track and transport them safely within the given time allotted. So fasten your seatbelt for real challenge and become real transport legend hero of 2017. As a flying airplane pilot take goods, cargo and jeeps on the helicopter. Have a birds-eye view of offroad hill station while flying helicopter high in the sky.Grand Army Tank War Transporter Simulator 2017 adventure on hill city offroad terrain is waiting for you. Load jeeps, cargo goods and relief on the multi-trailer truck and in a helicopter and transport them safely to military base. Be the most responsible transport driver of US army vehicles. So let's drive jeeps, trucks and fly a helicopter for transportation purpose and simulate your driving skills. OffRoad US Grand Army Tank War Transporter Simulator 2017 has multiple means of transport, driving and flying helicopter missions all filled with thrill and adventure. New army helicopter features and hill climb offroad scenarios, fulfilling your desire and love for transporting game introducing you Grand Army Tank War Transporter Simulator 2017. Flying Army transport pilot flight is no more child play anymore, this game is blending of different type of heavy army vehicles driving and flying helicopter. Enjoy the fun of army multi-truck, army tank driver and a pro pilot.In the world of the tank, subway future train is all set to transport army weapons to army base unit. A super-intelligent tank robot hero is deployed as army soldier which can transform into tank, robot and vice versa. Army train got under enemy attack that started futuristic robots war. Army cargo needs to be transported safely to army base unit at all cost but futuristic robot wars have erupted in an ultimate machine fire battle. The real tank hero needs to strike hard with intense shooting to eradicate the army tank battle in the war of tank. The iron tank can transform into flying robot hero to eradicate the enemy task force. This is one really epic robot tank gun shooting game 2017 where the flying robot hero can fight the future robots as mech shooter or can fight enemies with deadly tank strike. Enjoy the amazing futuristic robot transformation in Tank transformation Army Robot Wars. The real tank war begins when future superhero robot strikes to survive against the tank commander and enemy military tanks. Features of Grand Army Tank War Transporter Simulator 2017:- Realistic army Base.- Enjoy Helicopter Flying as Pro Army Pilot- Latest models of tanks and helicopter.- Army offroad Jeeps, army 4x4 Truck, army rescue Helicopter- Real driving physics.
Operating System Android