Surprise Eggs for Girls 2

Before you, the long-awaited continuation of the legendary game Surprise Eggs for Girls! This game is so fond of you, that we decided to make the second part, only better! Now here a lot of new things, it became even more interesting! The chocolate egg looks just like the present, and you want to bite off a bit. Many new beautiful and favorite toys for girls. New collections of toys:DollsPrincessesEquestriaEver After HighFamosaLittle Pet ShopMonster HighPaw PatrolRobocarLittle PonyCool spinnersand many othersCollections are beautifully ordered, you can go to any collection and even open a character card! And you can share your favorite characters from the cartoon with your friends on your social networks page. Show them the collected collections! Inside the level, you can switch between open toys, you can even not open the surprise to the end, leaving it for later. A lot of new features!The game now has a convenient menu, the choice of the language on which you speak. Nice music is playing. Colorful interface of the new game Surprise Eggs for Girls 2 you will definitely like it! Delicate white and pink clouds, starry twinkling, bright salute, beautiful buttons - everything is made especially for real little ladies. The game is simple and understandable even for the youngest children, which moms can already trust the phone or tablet. We hope that the game Surprise Eggs for Girls 2 will be useful for a young mother who can do household chores or relax while the baby is happy, opening chocolate eggs and collecting favorite toys.Be sure to write in the comments that you liked and what you would like to change. Your opinion is important to us! And be sure to let us know in the comments that all the collections are collected and the game is over!The rules of the game are very simple:Select any egg in the upper windowRemove the wrapper by pressing your finger"Eat" chocolate by pressing a fingerOpen the capsule-yolk by pressing the fingerGet your surprise toy, she will go to the collectionPurpose of the game:Collect all the collections of toys for girls, opening chocolate eggs!Good luck to you!Game for adults and children from 1 year and older.
Operating System Android