Mutilate a Ragdoll - The Physics Game

You are welcome in the game Mutilate a Ragdoll - The Physics game that we will offer you for free, the game is all about mutilation and changing the shape of the doll in every way possible and different, so you can also use some of the tools that you will discover in the stages of the game. We will provide you in this description for all lovers of doll games all the details and explanations enough for all people who do not know how to use the game and enjoy it.Control the game:To control the ragdoll in the right way, all you have to do is moving the doll in all directions, like left and right as well as the top and bottom.Game Features: - Beautiful simulation places and many advanced stages.- Many different collections of beautiful and diverse unlockable tools.- The game will help you be happy and relaxed.- High quality in pictures and movements.The best way for controlling the game:The basics of the the game that we explain to you is centered around mutilation and throwing the ragdolls in all directions. The most important thing you have to do is to collect all points and try all the tools for doll game, just note that in order to move the character you must just use your touch screen because it will help you. Move it in any direction you want.Tips and Advices:* Among the tips that we will provide you and the most important is how to use this game in the right way, so for mutilate a doll you can throw the components as you like.* The rag dolls when you lose all its pieces he feels it weak, so you should to try as much as possible to collect, manipulation and rebuild it again as soon as possible.* What gives the beauty and suspense is that you can control the parts and pieces of the dolls that you can dismantle or return to its place and all this you can play using the tools that you will discover during your play.We hope you like the game that we have presented to you, so get the game today for free and enjoy it.
Operating System Android