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New addition to the Dearead otome game series!!You fell in love with a guy who's not human...Monster's first love, Otome Game/Dating Simulation GameMother owns a shop where folkloric humans comes to buy?Vampire, werewolf, immortal... you are put in a position to live with them?As you get to know him, his past reveals..You're only one who can cure his heart.What will happen to you love?!About the appPopular romance game you can enjoy for free!Use the free tickets given out everyday to proceed on the story!The decisions you make throughout the story will affect your ending!Complete your album with the heart-throbbing episodes!A romance with ikemen you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!CharactersYou fell in love with a monster, a ...1.Achille SahinSadist VampireHalf vampire, half human who has powers.He talks strongly but has soft sides.For some reason, he has bitter feelings toward vampires.Running away from his past, what will happen to you and him..."I won't let you go. You'll always be mine."2.KingLonely KingFor a long time, he has traveled through the world alone.His wounds cure up really fast no matter what.He's kind to everyone but has a tendency to shut himself from others.He came to the shop for a reason and that is..."I want to be the only one loved"3.Ibuki ArayamaFoolish WerewolfThe last werewolf on earth who carry the blood of Japanese wolves.Quick to quarrel and transforms into a werewolf depending on emotions.Has bitter feelings toward humans and seeking for a medicine to transform himself into a complete wolf.As he spends time with you, he starts to change in how he feels..."I want to be close to you, like family?"Recommended if you areInterested in Otome GamesLooking for a love simulation game for womenLooking for a free otome gameWant to get into a relationship with a handsome guyWant to play an adult-oriented love simulation gameWant to play a free otome gameLike Shoujo mangas and love gamesLike Vampires and WerewolvesLikes Folkloric HumanAbout the companyDearead Inc. is a company that deal with female-targeted content.Official Website Twitter Facebook*------------------------------------------*
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