Landmark City

¦ Sale landmark cityThis is not difficult construction simulation game. Build your own landmark city with simple operation.¦ Urban growth game that grows with credits selling landmark cityBuild landmarks and upgrade buildings to enhance the value of the city.You can earn as many credits as you value at the time of sale.You can build new buildings and landmarks with your credits.Landmarks that have grown to maximum levels will provide buffs during the game.¦ Balancing game that requires proper upgrading of landmarks, buildings, and banksThe best way to earn the best credit is by doing the upgrade in an optimal way.The same proportion of the population of a house, a mall, or a park can make a lot of the credit.You can get the rewards in proportion to the happiness of the population upgraded and the population upgraded to the highest.At any moment, you can see yourself investing in a new landmark or building, upgrading a bank, or buying land.¦ Idle game with skillsSkill can be used repeatedly at a certain time.Do not spare your skill. You can enjoy much more fun games.You can enjoy playing games while using auto construction skills.¦ Things to WatchPlay hard and take a break and enjoy the city by zooming in on the screen.Colorful night views, hot air balloon, fireworks, various cars. I have a pleasure to fall in ignorance.
Operating System Android