Scandal~what Goes Around Comes

Hugely popular in Japan, South Korea, China and other Asian countries!With over 1,000,000 downloads already recorded the English version is making its appearance!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...I can feel her presence in his room......It's useless trying to hide it...Can you find the proof that he's been cheating?~~ How to play the game ~~Tap the spot you believe is proof of him cheating!Every stage there are 4 spots you must clear to prove that he's cheating!Many stages such as "His room", "Bathroom", "Car", "Fridge", "Wallet" and many moreWtih a total of 20 different stages altogether.~~ The story ~~The first time staying overnight at his house.I'm so nervous my chest feels like it's going to explode!...but, for some reason there's just things that don't seem to fit his personality in his room...There's only you! Is what he's telling me but...Can I believe him?~~~~~~~~~~~~~Searching for cluesHe's definitely cheating on me.Not only that but the girl he was cheating on me with was just here before I arrived.Right then, what can I find to back that point up?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recommended for these kinds of people! ~~- You want to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you- You want to research ways and what to look for when you suspect someone cheating- You don't know what to hide before your current girlfriend comes over- Even just out of curiosity you want to see how deep the cheating world goesCheating!Not today, not when I'm watching.
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