Flying Jetski Simulator 2018 Free 3D Game

Tired of playing plane flying simulator games? Get ready for this epic flying jetski experience. Jetski has been modified and now it can fly above water and you can turn on the race mode to have an epic race battle of flying jetski with your rivals. This is the first flying jet ski game in which you can have an amazing real experience as a pilot. Get flight training and experience realistic flight pilot in this 3d simulator. As a private pilot its your best opportunity to play this pilot simulator which is not about planes & trains but amazing jetski. Pilots from different cities are here to take part in this ultimate battle and you have to prove that you are the best pilot who can run any machine. If you are looking for pilot apps where you can have a pilot test of flying airplane then do try this one. The pilot has to perform various crazy air stunts in order to gain more points to buy amazing jetskis. You'll experience the best boat racing in this futuristic flying jetski. Racing in water is always fun but what if you take your ski boat in the air for water racing. Boat race is going to be on another level now. Get a customized super jet ski in ski racing. You can buy different water jet ski and have a boat ride on impossible tracks. This is the impossible game of jet ski on an amazing water track. If you are looking for best flying games then surely this is the game you are looking for. Jetski flight simulator 2017 is going to give you an amazing experience of fly game. Take off from water is a hell of fun. Park water is full of hurdles, be prepared and have you swimsuit ready as you are about to play this epic adventure running and racing game. Fly Jetski 3D is an awesome new 3D Jetski Simulator game, become the pilot and fly your commercial jetski to the destination. Guide and steer your jetski plane through all of the waypoints to ensure you head to the correct destination. This game brings you intense air-to-air jetski combat, how long can you battle against enemy jetskis? Fight and fly the skies to get the highest score and beat all of you friends. Get behind the steering wheel of a highly modified racing jetski. Perform amazing aerial flips and tricks, drift, crash, boost, and slide all around. Fly anywhere in massive open world city environment, dodge and weave between skyscrapers and flying traffic. Riding power boat on realistic water slide in the sky will make you go crazy with excitement and feel of impossible driving. Control the speeds of the boat rides on tricky almost impossible tracks to drive on water slider. Watch out for sharp edges and control your flying jetski speed to clear the mission. Try your luck in this impossible driving game with unique water slide tracks and customized power boats to explore.GAME FEATURES:- Beautiful HD Graphics- Real life racing jetski modified for flight capability- Huge immersive city open world environment- Fun, realistic, and easy driving controls- Interact with flying boats AI traffic!- Intuitive airplane flight physics- Free to play and easy to use
Operating System Android