Mr. Blocky White House Driver

AMAZING GAME FOR BLOCKY CAR DRIVING GAMES LOVERS!In this truck driver game in craft style you are the driver who is responsible for the president of the USA. Start of in a simple taxi and complete all the missions to unlock the armored truck! In this white house simulator it is all about good security for the president. Protect the most powerful person in the world at all times! Complete all the missions and buy that amazing armored truck.Pick the president of the USA up at the white house and drive him to wherever he wants! This blocky security simulator is full of action levels for kids. Drive through the blocky city and be on the watch for dangerous people. Do whatever it takes to protect the president of the USA in this blocky car driving simulator! Fantastic Key Features: Pick up the president at the blocky white house! Drive him through the craft style city Protect him at all cost! More Mr. Driver simulator games and animal coming soon!We wish you a lot of gaming fun!*** ANY IN GAME PURCHASE WILL REMOVE ADS FOREVER ***Check out our other really fun games too!
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