Aircraft Carrier Battle 1942

AIRCRAFT CARRIER BATTLE 19421. Introduction "AIRCRAFT CARRIER BATTLE 1942" is a Real-Time Simulation Game of the naval battle of aircraft carriers in the Pacific Theater of World War II between the Imperial Japanese Navy and naval and air forces from the United States. The aircraft carrier task force was a quite new war potential. Although its offensive power was extremely high, the defensive ability was poor. Since no one knew how to utilize this war potential at that time, there might be various possibilities in the short term. As a commander of the air craft carrier task force, make strategic decisions and lead your task force to the victory. In this game, you will play the following important roles in the every layer. 1) Commander of aircraft carrier task force - Make a Decision 2) Captain of aircraft carrier - Maneuver your aircraft carrier 3) Pilot of Search Plane - Search Enemy's aircraft task force 4) Leader of Torpedo Attack Group - Attack enemy aircraft by torpedoes 5) Leader of Bomber Attack Group - Attack enemy aircraft by dive bombs 6) Leader of Intercept Fighter Group - Intercept enemy attack group2. FeaturesEvery event is realized in the Real-Time simulation. Player plays important roles in every layer. There are many functions for shorten game time. 3. Aircraft Carrier Battle 1) The day before the battle 2) Search Enemy Fleet 3) Launch Attack Group 4) Wait Event 5) Enemy Search Plane Finds Your Fleet 6) Attack the Enemy Fleet 7) Enemy Attack Group arrives at our fleet area 8) Enemy Attack Group attacks our fleet 9) End of 1st Attack 10) Decision to 2nd Attack 11) End of Battle4. Major changes For making this game more interesting, following items are modified from the real feature. 1) New aircraft carrier can be revived easily. 2) Aircraft on aircraft carrier is always fully carried when the carrier joins the battle. 3) New technologies like Rader, VT-fuse, Break-Code, etc, are not introduced. 4) The difference of the ability such as carriers, aircrafts, etc is not considered. 5. ConclusionWe believe that the real aircraft carrier battle is realized in this application. We would appreciate it if you would enjoy this game. Scarlet Year team.
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