100 Speed Bumps Challenge Speed Breaker Car Drive

Speed bumps are your protection or safety of your car with speed breakers to force people to drive more slowly and don't destroy their car on these consecutive speed bumps. They are designed to make drivers slow down while driving on these speed breakers. It's natural to assume that hitting a speed bump would deliver a bounce when you will drive with high speed testing. When you drive a car, two main things protect you from speed bumps in the road are the tires and the suspension. No matter how fast you hit a speed bump unless the speed breaker is particularly large, enough of the bounce will be absorbed by these two systems that you possibly won't be hurt in this high speed testing. People, who love racing, drive racing cars with high speed testing. They have to cross over the speed breaker in consecutive speed bumps without knowing that how much they can hurt them. To improve your driving skills we have developed a game "100+ Speed Bumps Challenge: Speed Breaker Car Drive" which is best for you. While playing this game you can make lots of improvements in your driving skills because in this game you will drive with 100+ speed having 100 speed breaker challenges in this car racing game. You need to race the car above those following speed breakers and reach to the ending point. Failure to maintain 100+ high speed testing and breaking the car will lead to the game being over. The road area environment is realistic. After completing each round you will collect coins and you can unlock exciting new cars. Control is very important for 100+ speed bumps high speed testing, you will have to maintain 100+ high speed testing before driving on the speed bumps to avoid car from destruction or downfall. For addition of more fun sound effects also added with default background music for providing a modish and fabulous touch to the 100 speed bumps challenging car racing game. The car games graphics are of 3D simulation providing the racer two times more thrill. With the help of this it will be easier and fun to visualize your performance for 100+ speed bumps high speed breakers and driving.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None