Idle Car Factory

Face the challenge of running and managing a car factory. Decide who is going to be hired, which buildings to enhance and what car to manufacture. Competition: Compete with other players and go up in one of many rankings. Join one of the companies bringing together players or prove yourself as a president and establish your own successful company. Country vs country: The competition doesn't end here - all the active players take part in a duel of fans which is held once a week. Gain fans actively to contribute to the victory of your country. Economics: Develop your factory by constructing and upgrading work stations, hiring employees and decreasing the manufacturing costs of car parts. You decide whether to sell the cars faster for a lower price or to get the best possible price by waiting longer for a customer. The fate of the entire factory is in your hands. Numbers: more than 200 building enhancements- about 20 different cars- more than 10 types of workers- about 100 company upgrades- more than 10 upgrades of each car- more than 150 achievements to gainMinor errors may occur as the game is in the testing phase. If you notice one or want to share your opinion - leave a comment. Music and sound effects - Robert Kiljanczyk.
Operating System Android