City Muscle Car Driving simulator 2017

You're fast and furious, you're the best driver. A new game gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want, drive your powerful car, and forward to meet the wind in 10 seconds and not onlyYour attention is a huge world where you are alone with your car. What's your favorite car? We have only cool muscle cars. Your dream is a need for speed, and nothing more. You will be available to a large open world, the pursuit of cops, and 5 types of muscle cars - Challenger, mustang, gtr, camaro, Charger, shelby gt. In the game you are waited by the present simulator of driving on a city and not onlyThe game is very realistic physics, you can get drift or drag racingCool game chase, free game for android race, real adult cars like a dieselReal street races, comprehend the rules of the traffic rules, destroy everything that is possible. Start the engine, press on the gas and drive, as quickly as possible. Features: Modern beautiful graphics;- Realistic physics of cars;- Detailed American cars;- Many modes of the camera. Mode of slowing down time. Free game mode. Realistic system of AI.
Operating System Android