Hollywood Studios - The Movie Tycoon Game

HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS - THE MOST REALISTIC MOVIE TYCOON EVERGet your movie business career started and become the most successful tycoon of Hollywood's movie industry. No IN-APP Purchase Hollywood Studios let you run your own major film studio. You will try to enforce 14 competitive studios, aiming to become Hollywood's most successful producer. Features: Build your own studio and choose from unique sound, stages, backlots and post production facilities. Increase the performance of your studio by invest your money in more capable stages and backlots to produce even bigger and more successful blockbusters. Play 45 years with with thousands of competitive films- Purchase Scripts or assign screenwriters to realize your own ideas. Assign actors and directors and determine the budgets for your movie-projects. Organize the marketing during the production process. Be thrilled once the first Box Office results be published. Produce several movies simultaneously to conquer your competitors. Special weeks: Keep an eye on special weeks such as Halloween, Christmas and Memorial Day while you schedule your movie-premiere to gain a more successful opening. Appropriate for all ages- Offline playable.
Operating System Android