Infinite Passengers

This companion app to Infinite Flight adds ability to create airline and invite other players, flight income, safety announcements & boarding music to Infinite Flight. Please note Infinite Flight game app is also required for this to work. On this free version the sound packs are available as inapp purchasesInfinite Passengers adds the elements of airline fleet, passenger satisfaction and pilot skills to Infinite Flight. Here are just a few of the current features: Create virtual airline, purchase aircraft, recruit pilots. Play official airline boarding music and safety announcements. Added V Speed callouts. Test your piloting skills. Connect to Infinite Flight and get a report on the professionalism of your flight. Monitors air speed, taxi speed, bank angles, g-forces and more. Add passengers to your flights. The better you fly the higher your airline rating and the more passengers and income you receive. See videos: v=I5rsCEdAi9k.
Operating System Android