Triceratops Simulator Dinosaur Pet Racing 2017

Fun and enjoy with prehistoric dinosaurs from Jurassic, Cretaceous or other periods racing in speed racing tracks to compete with other fellow dinosaur racers that will make you addicted. Participate in the race and compete using Triceratops as your own virtual pet. Do you want to try using dinosaurs to race in speed racing tracks? Imagine how enjoyable this would be using extinct dinosaurs to race ranging from Spinosarus, Carnotaurus, Tyranosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, and many more dinosaurs which are available for your choice of selection. The only goal is reaching to the running goal in the first place and become winner of all competitions. You need to raise your pet dino by feeding them with tasty vegetables and fruits such as bananas, apples, watermelons, carrots and so on to evolve your Triceratops with better speed and life power vitality. The more they eat is the more they will grow and evolution to be the ultimate runner who can conquer every races and tournaments. Triceratops were enormous herbivores or plant eaters with parrot like beak. Outstandingly, Triceratops had three horns with massive body making them looked like giant rhinos. A Triceratops's fossil were found in same spot with T-rex's, the king of beasts, locked in a mortal survival combat. Therefore, Triceratops were praised as a rival of the T-rex and we may often noticed images of these two dino species clan fighting battle used by various media. The Triceratops were regarded as the second famous dinosaur known by people around the world and will be used as leading characters in this game. This game is totally free simulation racing 3D game. Player can use only one finger tapping for gameplay. Just tap on mobile screen to collect foods, to feed foods to the virtual pet and to accelerate running speed or to use special turbo speed effects which can be enjoyed by both adults and children for enjoyment and relieving stress. The gameplay are divided in to 3 main screens ; Dinosaur Breeding, Food Hunting and Dinosaur Racing. DINOSAUR BREEDING. Dinosaur Breeding is to feed collected vegetables and fruits to the Triceratops to crease its abilities such as speed vitality and, sometimes, to receive fascinating special turbo speed effects when running. Moreover, player can tap on the dinosaurs to make them roar. FOOD HUNTING. Food Hunting is hunting and collecting foods like vegetables and fruits to feed to your dino by tapping on the food to collect them. Foods can be upgraded to higher levels with some conditions for upgrading applied to unlock level of the foods. DINOSAUR RACING. Dinosaur Racing is using your pet dinosaur to race to compete with other fellow dinosaur racers to search for the fastest runner. The gameplay is simply easy by tapping as fast as you can to accelerate the dinosaurs' speed. In addition, turbo boost speed system is also available to turn the tide of your game situation. Be careful as tapping too much can make your dinosaur exhausted. GAME FEATURES. Developing character and food system- Item shop system to facilitate players - Realistic dinosaur models and animations- Beautiful scenes and special effects- Enthusiastic music, noises and sounds- Beautiful UI, button, animation and effect.
Operating System Android