Driving Police Car Simulator

Do you like the roaring sounds of emergency cars? Would you like to raced as an ambulance or the police around the city? Download Driving Police Car Simulator app and make the dreams. Choose an emergency vehicle: an ambulance, police or fire engine. Turn on the siren and drive along the city streets at a crazy speed. Go where the radar points arrows and playing gain the points. If you completed one task find out the next. You faster arrive and eliminate the accident give your the more points. The unpredictability situation, the thrill of the race around the city, the howling of flashing lights and the thunderous sirens will please you and the friends. Arrange the competition who will score more points in the shortest time with friends. Pump driving skills in an extreme game and have fun together. Attention. Driving Police Car Simulator app is simply the game created for fun. Extreme driving carries no danger to you and others.
Operating System Android