4x4 Offroad Car Hill Racing

Here comes new idea for Offroad Car Driving. Drive offroad and explore the wild serious racing on hilly mountains. Start your 4x4 engine now and hit the roads searching for missions. Once you find the mission place you drive your car there and start the missions. Do not forget to read the mission instructions before performing the mission. Once the mission is started try to complete it by giving full attention and your car driving skills. 4x4 Offroad Car Hill Racing is a smooth game with many exciting levels spread in the offroad hilly environment. Drive your 4x4 on the hills and perform stunts and play for the missions. Roam around the hilly areas before the fuel runs out. Refill the fuel and then start finding the all new exciting missions. Experience the top car driving simulator with best 4x4 car driving physics. You'll never get bored of driving the top trucks in this best free game. Jump like a mad racing freak and do the stunts, drift, race around the offroad with your brand new 4x4 cars. Visit farms, lakes, climb hills on offroad dirt tracks. Details of Missions: Reach the point of car accident and rescue the drivers. Then rush to the next missions where you have become a cop on the wheels and catch the criminals running away on the hot wheels. Hit them hard to stop them from getting away. Then move to next task where you have to follow a helicopter and give it land security while helicopter reaches the destination and lands on the helipad. Move on to the next mission and complete the course by taking full car driving control in hand and not falling in water. Give President protocol and do not hit his car. Race the opponents and reach the destination first to get the reward. Collect stars hidden in the offroad environment. Follow the directional arrow and reach the final point avoiding the hurdles and traffic racers coming from front. Reach the top point on the hill and do the drift with your 4x4 trucks. Destroy the helicopters by jumping off the ramps into the air and destroying them. Do not let your offroad cars into the water and avoid police speed cameras. Police 4x4 hill climb train and become the professional 4x4 offroad car driver. Hit the enemy cars and throw them into the water. Do the high speed hot pursuit chase on the motorways and offroad highways. Follow the police van filled with criminals who built crime empire in the city. Earn money from the missions and spend this money to buy new super cool cars from the garage. Experience Features of Gameplay 4x4 Offroad Car Hill Racing: Huge open world to drive and explore- Realistic 4x4 driving simulator- High quality brand new cars- Realistic driving physics- Real hilly skybox with nice effects- Easy driving controls, use touch and wheel controls. Adjust the quality in pause menu at anytime to the way you want, to play smooth without lag. Please do leave us your precious review we'll really appreciate it. Have Fun.
Operating System Android