3D City taxi simulator 2017 :Crazy Legend Drive

Taxi driving 3d gets more exciting with this 3D City taxi simulator 2017 Crazy Legend Drive game. If you want to become a taxi driver then here is a chance for that, come and show off your skills with your 3D driving and prove yourself as a 3d driver. This will be the one of the best taxi games you have ever seen. In this game to have to move your taksi all around in the city like in the hospitals, airport and different stations for pick and drop of passengers. Remember you are not lonely beast but a real taxi driver, you have to provide pick and drop service to your passengers in the city and help them to reach their destination spots on time. This taxicab is best taxi simulator among all the racing and parking games, after playing this game you will feel that driving of this taxi is not a joke or staring contest but a serious job and passengers are waiting for you on the station and you must have to reach their for them and don't be lost yourself in the scenic beauty of the 3d city environment and be remember you are on duty taxi driver. If you are fed up by the driving of Pakistani jeep, Indian buses, Euro truck, Hummer and other Americans trucks and heavy vehicles then prove yourself among the young drivers of the era. Race your car among the harsh and zig zag traffic of the city and try to avoid traffic hazards. By perfect control over gearing and breaking system you can drop people to their respective stops and enjoy this good game that is totally different from adult games. Now this game is mixture of parking, racing and fun games. In this game you have to park your taxi and have to wait for tourists and passengers and after picking them you have to drive so fast that it looks like a racing game because you have to drop them on time to get appreciation. Imagine yourself to be driving new York taxi or London taxi and to be playing the best simulator game free 2017. You are the best public transporter with thrilling driving skills. Now this modern taxi provide you the chance to become a modern taxi driver and you enjoy a lot this modern taxi driving game. In this driving adventure you have to drive and drop people in this modernistic city. Tricky and risky tracks of the city will give you the tough challenge of driving while your free ride of city streets. Become a stunt driver within city traffic and be remember that you are not an insane driver. Features: Smooth and realistic cab handling. Realistic 3D city environment. Tilt steering, buttons and touch steering wheels. Many different routs across the city. Full HD graphics with high quality.
Operating System Android