Scary Neighbor 3D - Strange House

Do you know Who's your neighbor 3D? Lets see secretive super scary neighbor. This is a Crazy scary Neighbor Survival Game. Crazy scary Neighbor in Town and you have to explore the house of scary neighbor find his suspicious activities in town and escape safely before strange neighbor fat scary guy caught you. You are commissioned task to steal his mug and favorite things so Sneak into the neighbor house. You play as a normal man who lives in his house. So you decided to find out what going on in crazy neighbor house. So choose to enter in the house, but it's no longer fun. You got a suspicious crazy neighbor, who is absolutely angry. Get inside and hide somewhere find the keys to unlock room and complete commissioned task before he caught you. That scary chap is super hungry. Crazy Neighbor Survival Game Features Smooth and Easy Controls. Interesting ActivitiesDirection map and Hints. High Quality 3D Graphics.
Operating System Android