Relief Helicopter Cargo Sim 3D

The city is in bad shape, the war has started and there is fire and debris all over the places, you need to start the relief work and take your relief helicopter loaded with backup cargo over the rouge places and deliver the goods to the city people. Relief Helicopter Cargo Sim 3D game will take you on an adventure rides. Be an expert 911-air ambulance and cargo helicopter transporter, pilot and transport all sorts of cargos from the port and city to the desired locations. Precision flying is required on your part as the best 911-relief worker and cargo truck driver. Take on the role of a crane operator and load the relief freight into the helicopter. Take control of a super realistic Chinook transport and army helicopter and go on flying and transporting missions. It's high time to fly and simulate in the sky with Relief Helicopter Cargo Sim 3D. Take off from the city helipad carrying high-end cargo of luxury cars and heavy cargo containers in your Chinook Relief Helicopter and navigate the landings properly. Buckle Up and Jump into the detailed virtual 3D cockpit of this emergency relief Chinook helicopter chopper and complete the relief carrier transport mission, set your cockpit and gear up in Relief Helicopter Cargo Sim 3D flight simulator and transport all types of Cargo like, food, relief good, medical kits, cars, army vehicles, heavy transport containers, machinery, army base tanks, cranes and many other cargo from the city to distant places in a new exciting relief helicopter cargo sim 3D game. The safety and security of the expensive cargo is upon you now. Carrying relief cargo for the needy city people through aerial helicopter might be an easy task, but loading, unloading and carrying heavy cargo while you fly and simulate into helicopter is a different task. Don't let the expensive cargo get damaged while its being transported to airport through heavy-duty cargo truck. Fly over the blue water and travel to different locations to transport cargo through your helicopter. Deliver army machinery directly into the battle and war fields and help the cargo cranes to unload the cargo for transportation.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None