Captain Shield: USA Superhero

A sumptuous welcome in the world of superhero games and here you are coming across with Captain Shield: USA Superhero. Come and join it as a Superhero and when you will once enter in this world of horror and terror, you will forget to go outside due to its strange powers like hero games. It will attract and repel your sympathy while playing this game due to its realistic senses and super powers as is not often the case in superhero games. It a purely fictional character but it performs dual role of an avenger and a comic hero at the same time as we observe in hero games. It over runs from a fictional hero of rescue games when it appears in this game during the course of his battle against the sins. People of the city have been brutally wounded and sent to death by the instigators of riot. They are in great need a defender who can entrust their lives as a savior. Dark forces are using martial arts and karate like untamed animals on realistic and innocent people. Now, it is your turn to use your kung fu to make them pay for their evils like an adept player of flying games. The dark forces can't bear the brunt of your classy ninja and powerful kick like rescue games. Act like a fatal avenger and become the legend of the city. Prove yourself the savior of the city by bringing ease and comfort to the ordinary people. There is law of jungle in the city. Police is unable to chain the criminal due to the lack of advanced weapons and also due to the corruption of its high officials. The city is in need of a person who can chain the dark forces and also guide and control the people toward their bright endings. No other person can play this role in a better way except you. So, the need of the hour is that you should come and nip the evil which has developed into a full plant now and bring ragdoll effect and tragic endings to the mafia as we see in hero games. 1. Launching a multidimensional Super Captain USA superhero with strong and unique powers. 2. Super Captain Superhero is a perfect hero at all areas of concerns. 3. Identify the culprits and bring them before the law by bringing them out from their hidden places. 4. The hero can walk, fly and dive at the same time. 5. Make use of latest weapons along the strong use of its shield. 6. Very close to the life like experience due to splendid use of graphics and sound patterns. The tale of this city is an eye opener for the all innocent people as they have laid what was in their command and capacity like spendthrift childs by nature for the preservence of their city like real superhero games. They are in urgent need of a personality who can bring them out from their sufferings and compensate their losses to a possible extent as is in hero games. So, come in a haste and mark a full stop to all the evil deeds of the dark forces so that the people of the city can lead a life full with all sorts of comforts as the players enjoy in rescue games.
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