Drone Racing Copter Stunts 3D

Love flying drones? Dare to perform drone racing and copter stunts? Welcome to the drone racing arena, lets testify your drone flying and navigating skills. Get ready for the epic and extreme drone racing, this drone flight simulator is almost as realistic as flying a UAV military drone in real life. Drone Racing Copter Stunts 3D flight simulator is an ultimate and extreme drone flying and racing simulator. Get into futuristic action as drone racing and RC copter flying stunts is a real sports of future. These racing and stunt drones like tricopter, quad copter, hex copter, octocopter are very fast and quick with realistic visual experience. Get applause by the spectators and amaze everyone with your superior drone racing and flying skills while you perform some extreme drone rad stunts with the extreme drones. Drone racing copter stunts 3D simulator is all about piloting different drone models through dangerous arena. Do you have the dexterity and just the right amount of drone tactical flying skills? This drone racing and flying copter stunts 3D simulator has realistic terrain, amazing animations and wonderful surroundings to enjoy the takeoff, flying and landing. Flying the most adorable RC drones and RC copters racing in the air is a fun to watch and play other than a typical flying, parking or driving simulators or city builder games. Drone flying and racing copter stunts gives you an aerial view all around the stadium arena, while operating and flying these drone in racing you don't need to be an airliner or helicopter or airforce pilot, take your experience as RC Chinook helicopter pilot or army or military fighter jet simulator or an acrobatic pilot to control your drone. In drone racing copter stunts, operate the most sophisticated flying drones; these drones are powerful and sleek with extreme drone racing and copter stunts technology. Get into the action racing arena and conquer the flying stunt battle mania by clearing all the hurdles and obstacles while performing daredevil tricks and stunts all around the drone racing stadium all set for the extreme drone operators.
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