City Garbage & Dumper Trucks

The City is polluted; lets drive some mega City Garbage & Dumper Trash Trucks in this amazing 3D real city garbage trash dumping truck game. Try to be the best Garbage and Trash Dumper Parking Trucker in the city, become a real trucker! Sit behind the wheels of a city garbage truck and show the cleaning, simulation and parking skills that only a real garbage trucker-parking expert can have. In City Garbage & Dumper Truck 3D parking, use your truck driving ultimate experience and show how you can handle this huge garbage dumpster truck and clean the city and convert it into a beauty. In this fun new game of City Garbage & Dumper Truck parking 3D your job is to clean up the streets by collecting all the trash and dumping it into the garbage truck for further processing and recycling, you then need to find the special parking zone to park your big City Trash and Garbage Dumper Truck! Driving a big huge ultimate Trash and Garbage Dumper Truck parking is not an ordinary job and is not easy to handle and you have to be real skillful in parking these Monster Dumper and Trash Garbage Park Trucks which required expert skills like the other amazing garbage, be attentive, as the city is over crowded with lots of cars in this big 3D model city, try not to crash into the city cars. Park the six-wheeler garbage and dumper trash parking truck in the right spot to dump the trash in the big heavy trash container. Experience being a real trucker in this City Garbage & Dumper Truck 3D simulator; clean the city with the help of garbage dumper and trash truck along with other trash collector on foot. Take the City Garbage & Dumper Truck 3D driving and simulating challenge and collect the trash from streets and make this wonderful 3D city beautiful and healthy again.
License Free
Version 2.2
Operating System Android