Wild Horse Simulator - Survivor Series 2016 Pro for Windows 10

Wild Horse Survival Simulator is a game for horse simulation & wild animal simulators fans. The rearing & galloping of a rare breed stallion in a wilderness survival setting with a 3D horse & wild animals has all the thrill you'd want in a survival simulator game. The wild horses are ready to attack & defeat in a survival situation. The horse likes to live in its clan and wants to ensure the safety of its herd. If you enjoy horse racing games or have a thing for wild horse simulation, then this survival simulator will give you a lot of enjoyment. Take control of your jumpy horse and defeat wild animals like bears, wolf, cheetah, fox and even other wild horses. You have a jumpy horse to control and run in the wilderness. Gallop away on lush green fields and progress through the game objectives to defeat the wild animals and survive to make sure the clan stays safe. Wild wolves, blood-thirsty cheetah and the wily fox are fighting against you in herds. Put your horse racing skills into test and face the dangers like a brave stallion to defeat & survive the animal's attacks. The horse family is depending on your fighting skills and other animals are also going to thank you when you save them from the claws of wild animals like bear, cheetah, wolf & the wily fox. Navigate the horse using the on screen navigation controls and rear to frighten away the animals. Experience the wild horse survival simulator galloping around to ensure safety of its herd and clan. Horses live in a herd and have to survive the attacks on the horse family as the wild wolves can be really merciless. You have to make sure your horse has enough power to survive the vicious attacks of a bear. Defeat the cheetah by rearing and survive attacks by other wild animals in the wilderness. You can gallop, canter or pace with the animal simulator game for the horse survival. The wild & jumpy horse is all yours to break-in and control. Horse racing and survival are different flavors of horse simulation and you should try a hand at this horse 3D survival simulator. We hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.
Operating System Windows Windows Mobile Mobile Windows 10
System RequirementsAvailable for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8 (ARM, x86, x64)