Monster Off Road Destruction

You're behind the wheel of a big monster truck, on a very busy highway and it's all the way more fun to ruin those miniature cars on the road. Tow them from behind, slide beside them while overtaking and the best fun of your life. It's time to create some destruction on the road, destroy anything which comes in your way and drag it. Big RC truck with the largest horse power, great engines and beautiful sounds are available at a tap of your finger. Install this game to drive RC trucks on the open road and create some trouble. Amazing simulation controls and the stunning graphics indeed makes it the best monstruo truck ever. A lot of modes and levels are available in this game including the free ride, time trail etc.Play freeride to have as much fun possible on the road while you can compete with the al traffic in the time trail mode. Drive through the hill area, tough snow fields and deserts and compare your driving skills with the friends. In this simulation of racing there is no redline, no limit and no boundaries. Learn to be accurate even while creating destruction on the road. In this great simulation game you will have choice to select the trucks from a wide range of RC trucks. You can choose the environment where you would like to drive and race with the traffic. A realistic city highway is full of SUV and the sedan cars and to drive faster on this road only if you are willing to make your own way. Drag the traffic to edges, be ruthless and don't be hesitated to run over the miniature vehicles. Monsterize the whole traffic in the area with your bigfoot monster unleashed. In desert environment you'll enjoy the beautiful view of the sunshine on the coal black road while the beautiful desert animals like deer can be seen walking around. Snow field environment is much fun and you need to show the most accurate driving skills on the road. Don't slip and bump into trees in this environment. Features: Multiple camera views to have better handling. Great deal of exciting locations and environments. Amazing Monster trucks like, RC, bigfoot etc.Upgrade and customize your Monster trucks. Crush your opponents. Furious Racing action on the road. Different controls, buttons and tilt etc.Hours of fun on roads. Smooth gameplay with hundreds of levels. Download this amazing game right now for free and enjoy the premium rush of monster trucks. Don't forget to give us your feedback on this game.
Operating System Android