ReEntry - An Orbital Simulator for Windows 10

Reentry is a space flight simulation game where you control a realistic spaceship and have to complete various missions in the vacuum of space. You create a new astronaut, and gain levels and experience for every move you make. You decide the level of difficulty. Do you want to fly in arcade mode, where you play from a 3rd person perspective using simple controls and mechanics? Or do you want to have control of every single component in the capsule, from every fuse, switch, gauge to the electric system, pyrotechniques, to configuring the flight modes, autopilot, environmental control? Either way, an interactive tutorial and reading material will help you get started and operate the spacecraft at an advanced level. In Pro mode or Historic mode, you get to fly the Mercury Space Capsule almost like the real thing. Every fuse and switch is modelled. Using the mouse, you can change the configuration of the capsule, take control, decide how the autopilot will work, control the electrical system, talk with mission control or just enjoy the silence of space. If you play the game in PRO mode, always be prepared for system failures. The custom made double precision physics engine and the orbital mechanics are in constant development, and will get even more advanced as the game is being developed.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Windows, Windows 10
System Requirements Available for Windows 10 (x64)