Ultimate Airport Parking 3D

Parking different vehicles inside the airport is a great fun, perform ultimate airport parking techniques and drive the airport vehicles all over this airport terminal and runways, drag the staircase truck to the taxi Airplane just landed, tow away the luggage carrier to the airplane luggage compartment, take the fuel tank and fill-up the airplane for the next flight, park and drive away the airport police cars all over the airport. This Ultimate Airport Parking simulator is a fun parking game with many driving challenges for you to overcome, perform different airport parking tasks within the given time limit, be an expert parking driver and keep the airport operations running smoothly for the planes to land. Perform best parking techniques in parking Luggage Cart, Fuel Tank Truck, Stair Car, Food Supply Truck, Push Back Tug, Passenger Transport Bus, park all these valuable airport vehicles in ultimate airport parking simulator. Once you set off from your driving starting point you will have to drive and park your ultimate airport vehicles to your destination, you will have to park in the designated zones to complete the level. The only task in this simulator is to park your airport vehicle into the designated area. These ultimate airport parking tasks are challenging as you are working against time and if you're not in the correct place with your stair vehicle or your food truck, you will be delaying the airplanes from taking off for their flight. In this Ultimate Airport parking Simulator, you need to show the expertise in parking different airport vehicles like safety car, gas truck, towing vehicle or staircase truck in different game levels, make your way crossing the runways, as helicopters, planes, passenger airplanes, commercial airliners, Boeing, Airbus and other small aircrafts are parked and taxi around the airport avoid the obstacles Helicopters, planes and smaller aircrafts or normal obstacles for drivers on an airport, but the great number of these obstacles can make it a labyrinth.
Operating System Android