4x4 Offroad Drive Simulator 3D

Being a reputable stuntmen of 4x4 monster truck and simulating 4x4 SUVs, legend heavy duty off road vehicles on off-roads is a dream come true, this is your great chance to thrill into action packed simulation and enjoy the off-road terrain in free online game of 4x4 off-road extreme drive simulator, drive the most reputable off road driving and off-road racing in SUVs, monster trucks, desert trucks, 4x4 offroad wheelers around the dangerous hills, edged mountainous tracks and roads. Simulate and experience off-road drive with cutting edge 3D and HD graphics, groundbreaking physics and adrenaline-filled excitement in 4x4 offroad SUVs extreme drive simulator. For all 4x4 SUV and extreme heavy duty vehicle driving and simulation game lovers and daredevils, get into the hot seat, drive and simulate into the most reputable offroad and Russian SUV's, heavy duty off-road jeeps and vehicles and legendary monster trucks, in 4x4 off-road extreme drive simulator, enjoy the realistic physics while driving and simulating on high mountain tracks, off-roads boulders puddles, prolonged rises or deep fords, experience the pleasure of driving off-road SUV and climbing high mountains, narrow rickety bridges, feel the adrenaline rush thrill in performing simulating driving stunts in 4x4 offroad extreme drive a free online game of 4x4 heavy duty 3D simulator which will keep you on the edge of your driving seat while driving these realistic offroad monsters and heavy duty jeeps and SUV. This realistic 4x4 off road extreme driving simulator is a real simulator in 3D games with best off-road fully loaded monster vehicles, thanks to its advanced off-road real physics engine, if you ever wish for an off-road simulator game, this is the righteous choice for you to drive the 4x4 SUVs in this free game of off road driving simulator. You can choose from many different big monster vehicles and 4x4 SUVs before stepping into the steeply high mountains, show your passion of 4x4 jeeps, 4 wheelers and heavy duty and monster trucks as an adventurous mountain simulating skills while precision driving with big vehicles in this 4x4 offroad simulator. Mountain track and hilly driving has never been so extreme and fun.
License Free
Version 3.2
Operating System Android