Raft Survival Shark Escape Sim

Raft Survival Shark Escape Sim is a survival escape journey via ocean raft and an extreme island survival adventure of a strange superhero. It requires a lot of stamina and energy to fight and survive in extreme hunger and thirst against island wilderness. The island is full of extreme danger and wilderness. The sea is full of hungry shark all wild furious animals. Sole option is to escape this deadly island after you create a raft. For building raft there are many items that you need to collect and fight against deadly island tribe that you will encounter in this island survival shark escape story. Your ultimate focus is to collect items to build strong raft and find underwater treasure after fighting with hungry shark and wild underwater animals. In Raft Survival Shark Escape Sim you play as a strange hero, who needs to make most successful raft survival sea escape story along with your wife. You both are hungry and thirsty and deprived of basic life survival needs. Wild animals are roaming freely. Sea if full of hungry shark that are ready to attack. To fight and survive you need to protect each other and build raft. Collect items and tools necessary for your survival. Find protection against island wilderness and seek refuge in a cave. Collect tools that will help you in fighting against wild island animals and local Red Indian tribe. Cut down trees with axe, swim through water and find underwater treasure, find ropes and food, hunt down wild island animals like bear etc.and fight with hungry shark. Fight and kill wild animals that might attack you, build strong big raft out of woods and ropes and escape the island on raft as a real hero. Enjoy an amazing Raft Survival Shark Escape adventure story of 2017 on a strange island as real superhero. Be the real superhero and protect your wife from local tribe, wild animals, hungry shark attack and island danger. Stay alive at all cost and make an epic escape on raft. Be the real survival hero in Raft Survival Shark Escape Sim of 2017. There are amazing and challenging raft survival wild missions like fighting shark and wild animals, swimming, escaping and crafting raft. Make best use of your survival skills. Protect each other against all odds and make the best raft escape adventure story in Raft Survival Shark Escape Sim of 2017. STORYIn search of underwater treasure you left your wife behind alone on an island that seems deadly on its first sight. You battled against underwater animals and hungry shark attack to find yourself the ultimate treasure you've been looking for. On your return to the land, you couldn't find your wife. In search of her you need to battle against island wilderness, mighty predators, underwater hungry shark and wild animals, Your search ends when you step inside a local tribe in the middle of that island where your wife is about to be executed. Save her and takeout everyone on your way. Your sea escape story will begin once you collect all items to craft a raft. Escape with the treasure you've worked really hard for. FEATURES. Challenging Wild Island Survival Missions. Hunger, Thirst, Danger, Wilderness, Fighting and Much More. Build Raft, Fight Wild Animals, Find Food, Tools and Much More. Amazing Survival Adventure Sim of 2017. Mind Blowing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects. Underwater Treasure Hunt and Hungry Shark Attack. FOLLOW US. http://www.facebook.com/TheGameStormStudioshttps://www.youtube.com/user/thegamestormstudioshttp://twitter.com/gamestormstudio.
Operating System Android