Open Heart Surgery ER Doctor

Experience the thrill of being a heart surgery doctor in this epic amateur surgeon game. Join the best cardiologist surgeon squad and perform open chest operations. Get ready for a lifetime experience of er surgery transplants. Open Heart Surgery ER Doctor gives you the freedom to do anything in the operation theatre. You can use any surgical items. You can use any medical equipment that you find suitable to treat your patients and cure the diseases. Become a real superhero by saving all the heart attack victims in this kids surgeon game. Kids doctor game is about a clinic doctor who gives a regular check up for blood pressure and fever. This is not your ordinary plastic surgery game. Our surgeon salon takes the regular surgery games to a whole new level. This crazy surgeon game takes you inside the body of the human being. Deeper than the veins and arteries. Mark the surgical mark on the right spot. Get the scalpels and cut through the body. Fix in the rib spreader and open those chest ribs up. You need to dig in deep to get to the heart in this real surgery simulator game. If you get stuck anywhere, don't worry; the hospital nurse will be there for your medical assistance in the emergency room. Some heart attack patients visit the doctor hospital and some are brought in hospital ambulance. Heart patients have a heart surgery risk. Heart problems cause a lot of problems like weight loss and change in body shape. Electrocardiogram ECG is the first thing to be monitored. When the sick and ill patients check in the ER emergency, make sure to put oxygen mask on their mouth. Check their temperature and don't forget to measure the sugar level. After fever and other small tests, you will go for the heart surgery. Get your tools ready for this kids surgeon game and gear up to perform the mega heart surgery. The hospital nurse will provide you all the medical tools necessary to perform the open heart surgery. Plug those pipes in and get the heart pumping again in this awesome heart surgery simulator. If you want to experience a new and fun ER emergency doctor simulator, then download right now for FREE. Your very own Open Heart Surgery ER Doctor. The best hospital game in town. Best features of this heart doctor surgery game are as follows: Amazing graphics for a rich kids doctor game experienceRealistic cardiologist doctor tools for a real heart surgery simulatorHeart surgery game with lots of fun featuresVarious medical tools to learn and play with in this kids surgeon gameCrazy open chest surgery simulationTest your skills and become a professional surgeon in this kids surgeon game.
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