BMX Racer Bicycle Stunts

Get ready for the thrill and action as an amazing and legendary BMX racer and perform crazy bicycle tricks as a pro stuntman, feel the endless pedal stunning effort on the impossible racing tracks suspended above the ground and hanging in the air for an ultimate action BMX ride, race, jump and avoid obstacles and hurdles collect points and beat your rivals in this grand steel rigged path. Dare to be a fearless extreme crazy stunt BMX racer cycling on deadly and impossible rigged steel molded roads, this needs special training and skills as elevating on immense heights and doing mid-air ramp manoeuvring is not an easy task as these impossible tracks are really dangerous, this is not a skater boy task, it's a man's game to be the motocross BMX superstar.Take up the top speed, accelerate to drag and drift onto the ridged difficult iron tracks as this extreme mountain bike and cycle racer is dashing over speed in a mix of high-octane cycling and endless racing performing stunts and daredevil aerobatics. Hold the bicycle handle tight and control the simulation over the dangerous wipe out trails, perform amazing aerial flips and tricks, drift, crash, boost, and slide all around as a touch grind freestyle rider boy. Do stunts and perform tricks in the air and landing safety.
Operating System Android