Dog Stunt Training 3D

Welcome to the US army dog stunt training school academy where breeds of all dogs being trained to be professional in animal racing and helping police for eliminating crime and criminals. Top quality breeds are selected and qualified to be the best K9 army and police helper canines. Animal apprentices are highly qualified in stunt performances, greyhounds, hounds, German Shepherd, Husky, Dalmatian, Bull Terrier, Bulldog Labrador, dachshund are taught to perform the best duty as police cop and pro in aerobatics and stunt racing in the arena. Start the training session for the modern new acts and racing mania and let them be the champions of the international hard time racing arena, let your canine perform tricks over the wipe-out style hurdles and obstacles, jump over the rigs, leap from the bouncy balls, slipping through the flat water surface. This US army and training school is all about weaving through outlandish courses and avoiding falls in challenging missions, take your favourite through bizarre routes and dodge treacherous obstacles, leap over fiery rooftops of this cool fantasy wipe-out arena for teaching in massive jumps, mid-air ramps, a variety of tracks, show off extreme tricks and stunts, run through water and hoops, dodge barrels. This amazing game is a combination of derby racing simulation and trick performance. As the best instructor of the US army school, let your puppy perform jump and stunts with adventures, endure swinging, punching bags, smashing hammers and ramps, and dash through runways while leaping over barriers. These K9 K-9 doggies will see and trained for the lifetime adventures, select the best and finest breeds and show the world that you are the best trainer of US army school of the stunt dogs like German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever, Wild jungle, dread Hunting Hounds and many more. Take your hounds to the racing tracks and participate them in sprint and lap racing, on the well-designed tracing tracks, these puppies and stray mutts are well trained before they are deputed into the department of army and police who can chase the criminals, sniff the luggage at the airports for harmful and dangerous weapons and drugs, disband gangsters, attack thugs by pouncing on them, use all your force and combination of attacks to sharpen those teeth and claws, chase convicts. Don't let the bad guys escape.
Operating System Android