Uphill Bicycle Rider BMX Race

Get your BMX 2017 race bicycle ready for the amazing and legendary uphill riders racing event, get onto the offroad hill climb mountains and enjoy the breathtaking super bicycle rider on these rocky and twisted roads, go uphill or downhill, perform BMX bicycle stunts with full command and satisfy your cycling passion in this rider's adventure, get control of your extreme sports BMX bike and steer the pedals to perform daredevil aerobatics on the off-road hills, race with your rivals and ride fast and safe without getting wipeout from the race championship, avoid falling down or crash. Buckle Up, enjoy the hill racing, mount onto your mountain sports bike, kick the paddles, push forward to take the dodgy roads or death well bicycle hilly tracks. This BMX rider race is all about action and thrill as cycling is not easy on these wipeout uphill mountain treks. Be the king of the mountain bikes. Get your sports fat bike repaired with the nearest bike mechanic workshop near the hillside. Become a BMX pro of mountain bikes, do manuals, perform slides, flip tricks, grabs and other rider insane combos and tricks like pros. Kids and children loves to ride on BMX push bikes and love to hit the road. Ride your bike on uphill with speeding up, jumping and performing tricks in air and landing safely onto the rocking terrain, go around the offroad skate park and ride on side rails or jump up from the ramps or fun boxes and be a skilled BMX stunt boy. Use critical controls to be the best rider of your BMX sports mountain uphill pushbike and race through the challenging tracks, clash with your rivals and crash your way to beat the bicycle riders in this grand cycling race on mountain paths, ride your bike through extravagant landscapes, complete your missions and dodge the hurdles and obstacles that comes in between the racing. This bicycle simulator game provides freestyle stunts with super fun.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android