Drone Racing Flight Simulator

Enter the arena of the futuristic drone racing, fly the world's best UAV drones and quadcopters in an amazing and legendary wipe out racing flight simulator, take part in the tournament and control your modern high speed flying taxi copters and beat your rivals in this fantastic air racing show. Get ready for the real epic flying dashing, this flight simulator is as realistic as flying an original UAV or military drone, race against the time and navigate your flying machine without crashing, watch out for the birds, RC planes, hurdles and obstacles. Take your drone battling copters into the air, perform aerial acrobats and daredevil stunts like flips, swerves and curvy turns and manoeuvre through the rigs, rings including hoops, whirlwinds and under cuts. Clear all the checkpoints and zoom for the top ranks as a drone pilot and navigator. This RC copter racing and flying taxi is a special event in the sporting arena with floodlights all over the place, select the best modern sporty and dashing flying machine and enjoy the aerial view of the epic arena battlefield. These extreme flying racing machines are specially designed flight simulators are equipped with motion and intuitive sensors that allow them to remain stable in the air completing missions around copter stunt arena, you have to fly these special racing drones with great skills and like a champion as these drones are equipped with modern tech propellers for taking off and landings onto the ground, perform like a pro quadcopter or octocopter pilot and fly these UAV machines with pride.
License Free
Version 1.0
Operating System Android