Pizza Delivery Drone Simulator

Are you a food lover? Enjoy one of the unique and latest mode of food transportation, now you can supply food through drones and control them through remote controls in this simulator, play your role as transport boy pilot, you must have played a lot of games of pizza delivery through moto bike cars tuk tuk scooter vans hover board but you have never played transporting fast food as flying cargo through the ultimate UAV an unmanned aerial vehicle drone system, all you need is to pilot this UAV aircraft and use it as a provision, hovering in the sky and delivering hot oven fresh pizzas to the customers. This fast food transportation simulator service is the new technology, this supply saves time and money and is quick, you can now play and supply food and eatables to neighbors and further distances, these pizza delivery drones are amazing and high-tech, they have high resolution camera to detect their way as navigated by the delivery pilot boys at the fast food UAV control centers, it's safe to dash deliver into the consumers location near your restaurant or shop. Are you ready to fly these amazing flying helicopter loaded with pizza cartons and deliver the parcels wherever they are needed? If yes then get the orders and start delivering the pizzeria from dawn until dusk in this amazing and legendary adventure drones stunt flight simulator. Prove yourself as an expert of unmanned aerial vehicle food supply expert pilot teenager, watch out for other copters flying and hovering for deliveries all over the city skies. You must have played some police, racing and stunt but you have never played wipeout transport games like this, fly your pizza delivery drone against the rivals and fulfill your delivery through missions, this flight simulator game is not a remote controlled flying device helicopter or plane flying for RC helicopter or quadcopter flight simulator, drone transportation game we will let you fly with some purpose and task through the city skies to fly a quad-copter hanged with square box container with food, control your aerial transporter with the remote control and spin it in the air to en-route this amazing flying machine to the customer locations.
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