Garbage Truck City Drive Sim

The city is full of trash and garbage, the municipal has instructed the cleaning department to clean up the metropolis and drive the garbage trucks onto the city streets, the grand town is under construction by the city builder, building airports, malls, super markets, parking lots and many more projects in on the hit list. The metro train and bus project is creating a lot of dust and debris in the busy pathways and the pollution is getting worse due to the garbage pileup. As the garbage truck duty driver get your cleaning machinery onto the grand roads and collect your work force to clean up the mega city, use all your resources for picking up the trash making sure the streets stay hygienic and the citizens are happy. Alert has been issued to all cargo truck driver for transporting heavy dump cargo out of the roads to the recycle units, show your fast and adrenaline furious skills in handling these huge monster 4x4 wheeler moving around the metropolis sim city, play role as an American hauler of trash truck driver and litter vehicles to prove their furious speed while driving in cargo 3D on epic tracks, Drive your garbage truck in the big city builder roads. Hold the steering tight and steer your gigantic compost lorry on streets by transporting the trash to the dumping and disposal areas, take the best route for to collect and pile up into the garbage dump truck take it to dispose at the trash in junkyard. This is a realistic simulator games where you have to collect the trash from all around the mega grand area and park all your mega and monster automobiles to the parking lot area allotted by the fantastic city mayor and municipal office. Let's hit the accelerator and start the engines of the huge mega monster and trash dumping and crazy garbage wagon, simulator and drive around the alleys in search of rubbish, collect all the scattered debris by the city builder trucks and cargo trailers moving in the busy traffic, feel like a real trucker and duty, help your fellow workers in cleaning the town as a responsible municipal worker. Dustbin vans and lorries are specially designed to collect waste and haul it to the treatment facility and landfill. These rubbish wagons and dustcarts can hold huge piles of trash.
Operating System Android